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I have always had strange things happen in my life but, I was taught at a very young age that it was not real that it was just my imagination or that I was dreaming.  I would hear voices and see things that were not there eventually I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety because of course the things that happens to people who others can’t see are not real, or are they?

The first thing I can remember was when I was 5 years old I woke from a dream crying because in my dream my grandmother had come to me to tell me to take care of my mother because she had to go away and would not be coming back she was going to be with god, but when I told my mother she laughed and said don’t be silly I just spoke to your grandmother 20 minutes ago, she is coming for lunch you were just dreaming, so the day started and 20 minutes later my mother called and there was no answer then she received a phone call saying that my grandmother passed away of heart complications that morning, it was not the last time I heard from her though but that is a story for later I will come back to that later and that was the beginning of spirits for me.

Life went on and although I still saw dead people I learned to keep things to myself because as I grew older my family started to wonder if I was crazy because I was always talking to imaginary friends and I spent a lot of time alone when I wasn’t with my mom of course I would hear voices in my head not like a real voice but like a thought it’s hard to explain but it was there people talking to me asking for help but I ignored it.

I grew up with 4 older sisters and 1 older brother I was the youngest of 6 kids so the house was always busy, when I was 9 we moved to Iowa for a summer to be with one of my sisters Suzy because she had an accident at work and we didn’t have a lot of money back then so we didn’t have a place to live at the time so we packed up and moved with just a U-Haul trailer on the back of a station wagon and off we went I remember we had to leave everything behind because we just couldn’t haul it all to Iowa.

When we got to our destination we rented a house that was two stories and all the furniture was nailed to the floor you could not move anything my mother assumed it was so renters could not steal their stuff when they moved out that when houses came furnished you don’t find that much anymore. Strange thing would happen all the time in that house things would shake for no reason doors would open and close you could feel cold breezes go past you and you could hear whispers or things that sounded like whispers all through the house the stairs would squeak when nobody was there, it seemed like the noises what just a normal part of the house because it was old my parents would say, then one night I woke up and there was a hooded figure in a black cape standing over my bed I started screaming and it woke up my sister Dawn who shared a bedroom with me and she started screaming, it disappeared through the wall then I heard my other sister Elaine start screaming and then my brother  then my brother Danny said he saw it to when my parents came in we all had the description of what this figure looked like but of course no one was there when they looked so they said we were just dreaming it is funny when you all have the same dream, but in 1972 the paranormal didn’t even have a name except CRAZY!

My sister Dawn use to say she was a witch and would do love spells and sometimes when she was mad she would do and say bad things on people with candles I didn’t know back then that it was devil worship because I was too young to know better but I would help her sometimes because she said we were playing and it would be fun so I went along with it and nothing ever happened that you could see anyway but I always felt like I was being touched and watched but nothing was ever there. We only lived in the house for about 3 months then it started snowing and my mom hated the snow so we packed up and moved back to Phoenix Arizona and I forgot about the house and all the things that use to scare me.

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