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My life went by rather quickly after that with school and boyfriends and all the teenage stuff but my sister still dabbled in black magic as she would call it and she just kept getting more and more angry and alone.  We use to think it was just jealousy but now I am not so sure it could have been something else like something evil.

It is now more common and accepted to talk about, I wonder could it have been demons, ghost or just her being mean who knows, maybe she was like me and heard things talking to her but went in the wrong direction and listened to the wrong voices I know at one time I almost listened to the wrong voices!

When I was 18 I married a guy that my parents thought would be perfect for me his name was Randy.

We moved into a townhouse and I became a first time  mother  to a wonderful baby boy that I named after his father, my mother had a cedar chest that belonged to my grandmother and she wanted to pass it to my son,  and we had a big walk in closet so I took it and put it in the closet and prepared my room with the crib and baby stuff.  I was never so happy and scared to be a first time mother he was a joy but I was new at it and everything that happened with him scared me, I thought I was going to lose him, he would choke when I would feed him and he spit up all the time, I remember praying and crying a lot because my mother in law would tell me stories about how she almost lost his father to asthma when he was an infant and I thought that’s what was going on with him.

He slept in a crib right beside my bed and I would hold him and rock him to sleep and pray and cry a lot the first few months he was home. good thing i lived right now the street from my sister betsy because i would run down there when i was scared something was wrong and she would tell me he was just fine.

Then one night I was asleep and heard him crying, I never left a bottle in the crib with him because he was too young to hold it, (he was only 2 weeks old) at that time.

I couldn’t seem to wake up all the way because of course as any new mother is I was exhausted, but I notice his cries stopped and I finally opened my eye to see my deceased grandmother leaning over him in his crib and she was feeding him a bottle “I don’t know how she got it or where she came from” but she turned to me with a smile and said your son is fine he will be alright you are worrying to much, and she floated to the closet  where her cedar chest was and disappeared.

I started screaming because I was scared and my husband woke up and I told him what I saw “that was in 1983” so he just thought I was crazy and so did my family they were talking about having me put in a hospital or getting me help because I wasn’t sleeping and I must be crazy.

After that I would continue to see shapes and floating objects all over the house I knew I was not crazy but everyone else thought I was. I had a cocker spaniel at the time, and when I heard noises upstairs he would sit at the bottom of the stairs and bark, my husband use to work a 12 pm to 12 am shift 4 days a week so I was alone at night a lot.

I remember being in bed one night and I was woken up by a voice saying you’re not safe look outside and when I looked out the window there was a man trying to get into my house that was scary and real so I called the police and locked my son and I in the bedroom and waited for the police. They came and took away the intruder and we were safe again but when I told my husband how I was woken up he thought I was crazy and again went to my family (mom and dad) for help. My husband and I separated at age 20.

That was when I met my second husband.

Again!  Which parts are true and which are false?

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