Strange Happenings Page 3

The house that made me believe!

Marshall was the scientific type so nothing paranormal could possibly be real he had an explanation for everything, we had 2 more children girls this time name Lucy and Katrina  and of course I was not as scared the 2nd and 3rd time around and he was a wonderful father to my son he raised him like his own and never treated him any different than he did his own girls, my son use to say that it takes more than blood to make a dad but anyone can be a father.

When Randy was younger he would say he lived in the land of the dinosaurs, his imagination was always interesting some of the things he would come up with would just blow you away.  He always played alone for hours he never needed anyone to play with because he had his imaginary friends he would sit in his room and talk, laugh, and play but he was always by himself and when he got into trouble he would always say it was not him it was mark that mark was his evil twin and he would make him do bad things he has grown out of it now but he is still interested in the paranormal and he has a great imagination to this day.

I lost my mother in 1995 to cancer it was the hardest year of my life after I lost her, you see I was with my mother all the time we were inseparable we went everywhere together her me and my sister Betsy and when she passed away I truly lost my best friend.

While she was sick she would see spiders which she was very afraid of and my dad would always say to her she was just being paranoid that there was nothing there, but my mother would see then and to her it was real, so I would come over and clean out the spider and webs every night so she could sleep even though they were not there but it made her feel better.

Then it happened she stayed at home as long as she could until the nurse said it was time to go to the hospital, I road in the back of the ambulance with her and we stayed at the hospital with her day and night until she passed away, she got to the hospital and went into a coma and never woke up again it took 10 days for her to pass on, the doctors could not figure out why, they said “she should have passed away already” but she kept holding on.

At first I would beg her not to go and I notice tears coming down her cheeks when I would cry I would tell her I can’t live without you, but then my grandmother came to me again in my sleep to tell me that I needed to let go so she could, that it was time for them to be reunited, I was sleeping on the floor in the waiting room with the rest of my family.

After the dream I got up and went to her room and told her I would be ok that I had my children to help me and keep me strong and that she could go be with grandma now, then we got a minister to come in and say a prayer, she opened her eyes looked straight at each and every one of us that was there and then the next morning she passed away we were all in the room by her side when she passed.

While she was in the hospital my family all made something for her children and grandchildren to put in her casket to say goodbye it was made out of baby’s breath and roses because they were her two favorite plants and we taped Them together with green plant tape.  At the funeral everyone in the immediate family put one in her casket there were 12 of them and as we said our goodbye’s and they were buried with her.

My Sister Betsy would go by every season to change the flowers on her grave and Marshall, Betsy and I went to change the flowers when we got there the same flowers that we buried with her was outside of the grave stuck into the ground and were real dirty like they had been underground.

It freckled me and my sister out but Marshall said it had to be a relative that did it, so we went home and called all our relatives to ask and no one had been to her grave.

Then out of the blue for no reason at all a psychic called my home number and when I answered she said you don’t know me but I have a message for you, she said my mom was very angry and that she was not at peace, and that my family had to light 7 white candles and pray for her.

When I told people in my family they all said it was fake, so in private I lit the 7 white candles and said a prayer for her.  I hope it worked and she is now at peace!Sta

Come back for page 4 of Strange Happenings  in 2 days is it Fact or Fiction?


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