7 years later! This is where I lived.


My mom believed in psychics she use to have parties where a psychic would come and read your future and past or let you know if someone was still with you, I was a sceptic but I went anyway and so did many of my family members and in-laws it was fun just to get to be with everyone, and if you put 5 dollars in a basket and gave a piece of jewelry for her to touch she would read you so she called it, so I went along with it.

She always said the things she wouldn’t discuss with anyone was death and divorce she would not tell anyone if that was going to happen.

The psychic told me that I had the gift but was too afraid to use it, well yea who wants to see ghost, definitely not me!

I just thought yea right she is just saying that for the benefit of the party just to make it interesting.

She told me that she saw a third marriage in my future and I laughed and told her I wasn’t stupid enough to do it a third time, she also said she saw more kids in my future and they would be a set of twins, but I told her I had my tubes cut and could not have any more kids so I told her she was wrong yet again, but little did I know she would be right, but we will get to that chapter in my life later.

I still didn’t believe her and my husband Marshall would say she was just out for the money and made me believe it to after all we had been married 10 years or more by this time who ever thought she would be right and I would get a divorce!

After she died my husband Marshall and I was trying to decide if we should move out of the state of Arizona and move to Virginia where his family lived, and I was very torn about leaving my home where I grew up, but it was me that wanted to try somewhere else new things and places seemed fun to me.

Then one night I was waiting on Marshall to come home from work (he worked nights sometimes), I fell asleep on my couch while the kids were watching television, they must have fallen asleep to because when I woke up at 2:22 am or I thought I woke up my mom was standing over me telling me that moving would be great for me and that she was alright now, I remember looking around the house seeing the clock, but when I opened my eyes again it was 2:22am and everyone was in the same position they were in the dream, so the question is WAS IT A DREAM? I guess I will never really know for sure.

And so we moved to Roanoke, VA in June of 1997 where my new adventure began.


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