This is the living room going into the kitchen of the house on Route 666 Bandy Rd. I took this picture after a lot of stuff happened




So as I ended the story last time with how I moved into a house on Bandy Rd Route 666! 

I had been living in the house for about 2 months when he had finished the setting up the room and started sleeping in it, now remember when I said we added cable to the bedroom, well we had it all hooked up and was laying in the bed, ( I am a very light sleeper and so was Jimmy), and all of a sudden the cable and TV came on for just a second then it went back off this happened for two days in a row, so the next day I set the remote where you had to turn the TV and Cable on separate trying to figure out which one was on a timer, because I knew they could both be set up on a timer.

The very next night the cable box came on then went off, then for about 5 minutes it just came on and went off real fast off-on-off-on-off-on-off almost like something was angry and was turning it on and off, of course I told Jimmy it was just a timer and when I checked and made sure all the timers were off it would stop.  I thought it was strange but I still assumed it was on a timer so kept trying to find the timer which I never did and every night for about a week it would go on and off until finally I started sleeping with the TV on, then it just stopped.

The first thing that happened that I could not explain happened about 6 months after the TV incident, I had gone grocery shopping and was unloading the groceries when I thought I heard a little girl laughing in the attic and then footsteps running across the floor, I went up to look in the room, but it was empty, so I wrote it off as my imagination yet once again.

When my husband got home I told him what I heard and he said that he would hear that sometimes to but he would hear a voice saying Daddy’s home, that when I started really looking into things about the house.

I talked to the woman across the street that owned the house and she told me that there had been 1 renter before them and us and that he was an older man that died in the nursing home, but that no one ever died in the house, I guess he used to say he wasn’t ever going to leave the house unless he had to.  He had been found collapsed at the bottom of the bed with the covers pulled off the bed on top of him when they called an ambulance to come get him, that was the last time he was in the house.

The landlord did say he has a daughter and had a granddaughter that use to come and visit and that the granddaughter died in a car crash, but they did not live in the house.

It was about one week later,  we were lying awake in bed and jimmy had to go downstairs for just a moment, while he was gone all of a sudden, I felt like someone wrapped their hands around my throat and was sitting on my chest and I could not breath or move, it felt like someone was choking the air out of me.

When Jimmy heard the struggle he came running up the stairs and touched me, and suddenly I could breath and move again, like whatever was holding me down just stopped, I started gasping for air, that’s when I decided this was real there was something else in this house besides jimmy and I and it was trying to hurt me, I had no more excuses that I could use for this, but I told jimmy maybe I was falling asleep and was in a middle state of awake and asleep and just imagined it even though I know I didn’t but I did not want him to think I was crazy, like everyone else did when I mentioned this kind of stuff.

That is when he finally broke down and told me stories about his Ex-wife, even though they were not getting along at the time he called her and asks her to tell me what happened to her while she was living there, he told me he did not believe her when she told him about her experience until it happened to me too.

She told me of the same choking experience only she thought she was going crazy so she kept it to herself for a very long while, she was usually laying down with her daughter when it happened, and that it happened to her more than once, when she finally told jimmy about it.

She also told me a story about her youngest daughter Bridget who was 5 years old and woke up screaming that she saw an old man and a little girl and the old man said to tell her dad he was not leaving and the little girl was going to steal her candy bar but they said it was a dream but Bridget who is all grown up now and says she still remembers it and it was real .

His ex-also said she experienced toys and clothes being thrown around the house by themselves, at first she thought her step daughter was doing it because she was jealous of Bridget but found out later that it was not. She also would hear door bells ringing on their own when they were disconnected and knocking on windows.

Jimmy said that when he lived with her they decided to have the house blessed they used to go to a Baptist church, they had a minister come in to say a prayer for the house, but in the middle of the prayer the window slammed shut and the TV Came on real loud! The minister then left and said it should be fine.

Come back soon to find out the next saga of my story soon! FACT OR FICTION!









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