It was a short time after the choking thing that Jimmy’s brother passed away of cancer, we noticed while we were going back and forth to the funeral home that when we came home the lights would be on and Jimmy would yell at me for leaving them on, I would tell him it was not me but he would not believe me.

Then we would come home and the chairs were pushed away from the kitchen table and he knew he pushed them in himself before we left and the house smelled like cigarette smoke and Jimmy did not smoke cigarettes and I could not smoke inside the house because he hated it, and when I would be outside I would see a figure walking toward me or I would hear someone talking to me and I would run in the house and never finished the cigarette and that is why I quit!

I had started talking to a friend about what was going on and she said that as a child she had things happen to her and when she would face it they would stop scaring her, she told me that maybe I should talk to it like it was real that maybe it just wants my attention, my response to that was are you kidding I don’t want it to even know I think it is there whatever it is!

So I was sitting on the couch on my day off just relaxing watching television when my back door handle turns the door opens, mind you we had a double door in the house and it was not the outside door that opened it was the inside door that came into the kitchen from the laundry room, as you see in the picture that opened up, but there was nothing there I was staring right at it!

Although I was scared I said, “okay listen we can both live here together but I don’t want to see you, or even know you’re here because you scare me, and at that moment the door closed like someone was leaving.

When I would be doing dishes of course my back was to the door and all the other rooms but I would feel like something was watching me and sometime I would feel like the room was sizzling with anger and other times it would seem calm, but of course I would think it was my imagination, but I started reading about paranormal activity I went to the library, or buy books, or look up on the internet but at the time internet was not that fast like it is now.

Then I started noticing that in the twin’s room I put a bench that I would keep stuffed animals on and I would come into their room and the stuffed animals would be knocked on the floor, so I went to jimmy and ask him why he kept knocking the toys on the floor and he said he did not.

So one night I watched him when he went in the room and he went upstairs and everything was in place then I went into another room for just a minute and when I came back in the toys were all over the floor again, but of course no one did it.

We didn’t hear or see anything for a long while after that, I think it was about 6 months, we had just gotten married by this time, the one of jimmy’s twins got sick and was in the hospital for a couple of days, but when she got home they both came to stay with us for the week-end.

We went to bed and the twins did not like sleeping alone in that house so they would sleep with me in a king size bed, and I would sleep in the middle. One night while we were sleeping the twin that had been sick started slipping of the bed and I thought she was falling so I grabbed to put her back on the bed when I realized she was not falling but something was pulling her off the bed it felt like I was playing tug a war with something that was not there, but she was sleeping and did not seem to notice so I let her sleep!

We tried not to let the girls know anything was happening here because we were not sure ourselves what was going on but as they got older they got more afraid of the house, they would tell me that they saw things in the dark and I would tell them it was just shadows from the light and the cars going by but, sometime when I was in the living room watching television I would look in to the room and see a short dark figure just standing at the foot of the bed like it was staring at whoever was laying there.

Sometime you could even feel the covers being pulled off of you from the foot of the bed. And the other twin would say that there was someone tickling her feet when she would wake up.

That’s it for now but come back for more next week!



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