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While we were sleeping!

After the struggle with his twin daughter and the bed!

We went back upstairs to sleep and we were lying in bed when I felt like I was being chocked again! 

Jimmy was laying right beside me, he reached over to touch me,  when he was pushed off the bed and onto the floor he got up and jumped on top of me like he was knocking something off me, and when I could breathe again he grabbed a baseball bat and started screaming at the air ( he was always very protective over me) telling it to come and fight him and to leave me alone, that he would not stand by and watch something hurt his wife,  he was swinging the bat around like a mad man, he even hit the wall with it before he put it down, and a few minutes later we heard a loud bang right above his head, like something hit the wall!

We just stared at each other and could not believe it, then the room went dark for a moment like a shadow covered the light  we both just set there wondering now, what should we do?  We were now both convinced that there was something in this house besides us!

After that night, When I went to go to the bathroom I would look toward the kitchen and I would see a shadow of a thing in a black cape standing in the kitchen right at the door that would lead into the twins’ bedroom, I guess you would have to know the house to understand the design of it.

We also had a wicker chair setting by the door in the bedroom and you could sometimes here a sound like someone would set in it (it made a rustling sound like someone walk through bushes), and when you would look toward the chair you could see a figure not a full figure more like a soft shadow sitting in the chair the size of a child.

Jimmy and I would fight a lot at first, like all new married couples do, and one night I was cooking dinner and he was yelling at me and was in my face at the stove, all of a sudden he jumped back and said ouch when we looked at his leg there was a scratch on his leg with 4 lines down his leg like fingernails had scratched him.

That really scared me because we looked around and there was nothing around that could have scratched and if whatever it was in the house could physically scratch you that meant it could hurt you!

That was not the last time that happened one other time when we were arguing he felt a sharp sting like a belt hit him and he had a raised red mark on his leg when we looked at it, that is when he started to question what was really going on in that old house!

When we went to bed at night we always had the feeling something was in the room with us, we would hear footsteps walking around the bed, and when we were in bed sometimes you could feel someone sliding in bed beside you like a child would after a bad dream, you could see the bed indent where it seemed someone other than us was laying, we actually got to the point where when we would feel it we would just scoot over closer to each other and let it in the bed, I mean what else could we do.

I would talk to the air more and more when I was alone telling nothing that we could live in the house together and I would not bother it as long as it did not bother me and that I would not try to find a way to get rid of it unless it hurt me or jimmy!

After jimmy and I would argue sometimes he would make me sleep downstairs by myself and he would sleep upstairs I guess that was my punishment for making him mad, because he knew I was scared to be alone in the house, one night we had a huge argument and I was downstairs and I was crying, then all of a sudden I felt a hand rubbing up and down my arm just slightly touching me like something trying to comfort me almost like now it was protecting me.


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