Sorry guys I have been away for awhile my son got married so I was in north carolina, but I am back now and ready to continue my stories.

My husband trying to fight with a ghost


I have a story about my two daughters that came to visit me one day, Lucy and Katrina and I were sitting in my living room talking about the things that were happening, they to thought I was a little crazy until they got ready to leave, Katrina was outside unlocking her car door but every time she unlocked it would lock back up by itself, not just once but it kept doing it over and over again she even held the keys out in her hand to make sure she did not hit any buttons and it locked again, when they finally got the door to stay unlocked about 10 minutes later after I said “ok quit playin with them and let them go home” and it stopped and they got in the car and left.

Every time they came over after that they wanted me to stay right beside them and they were adults.  None of our children his or mine would even go to the restroom without me standing outside the bathroom door, that is how scared they were of the house.

No one would ever go out after dark because every time we went out we would experience something like shadows or voices they all made us walk them to their cars when they would leave and stay outside until they were out of the driveway and driving down the street.

One night jimmy’s son in law thought jimmy was standing outside by the garage when they pulled up because he saw a man standing there but when they came to the door jimmy was inside and they all went out to look around to see what it was but nothing was there.

Since then we had things happen several times when our friends would come over we had two different people tell us someone was walking up the driveway when I was looking out the window and saw no one there both of them described the same man, and swore he was there one guy even went outside  to check his work truck because he thought the guy might be stealing his tools from the back of his truck, but there was no one out there!

Then one night when we were telling another one of our friends about the house he went to go home and his car would not start, he told us his car has never not started before, for about 5 minutes he tried to start his car and it would not start but again i said “just let the guy go home” and then his car started right up.

We had a guy sleep on the couch one night because it had gotten too late for him to drive home, and when we got up the next morning he was gone and the back door was wide open, when jimmy called him to ask why he left the door open he said there was something evil standing over him in a black cape telling him to leave, and he said he did as quick as he could get out of there, and he would never come over to our house again, as a matter of fact we never saw him again after that.

After that things got kind of hectic for a while my daughter had a baby and I would go to her house on my day off to babysit and help out while she cleaned or worked, and one morning when I was leaving to go to her house I thought I heard a voice calling mom, so I turned around and there was a hazy figure standing there that looked like a small child like around 5 to 7 years old, I froze for a moment then I screamed and threw i keys and ran out of the house, and it seemed to quickly fly out of the room and into the twins old room, I guess i scared her as much as she scared me, and at that moment I was outside in my car calling my husband to tell him i was not going to go back in the house until he came home.

Well that didn’t last  long because I was back in the house alone again the very next day!

Come back for more of the saga on the haunted house on bandy rd. route 666








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