I will never forget the year of 2008 it was the last year we lived in the house on bandy road.

It was Halloween one of my step daughters and her husband came over to the house and brought a Ouija Board so we decided what can it hurt, so we played along because it was just a game anyway right, I knew she was planning on bringing it so with everything else that was going on in that house I decide to read up on Ouija Boards It talked about opening and closing the board and blessing it I know that sounds crazy but I didn’t want anything else in that house that did not belong there, so I made sure to follow the directions!

At first as we were starting out using the board I thought that my Step-Daughter was moving the pointer so I told her to look at the ceiling and close her eyes and let someone else (Jimmy and her husband) ask the questions.

So they proceeded to ask questions the first question they ask was, if anyone other than jimmy and I was living in the house, we got the response of yes, then we ask how many and we got the response of 5, then we ask if they were all dead people and the response spelled out no some are evil.

We knew for sure we were not moving the pointer because we were looking at the ceiling, but the scariest part was when her husband, yelled at the board to find someone who could spell and the pointer just stopped then, later when we started again he ask if it was mad, and it pointed to the yes, then when he ask at who, the pointer went to the letter U.

We continued to play with the board for a while and it made reference to there was a little girl, and that the former owner was still there and that there was an evil entity in the house that wanted us out of there.

Also one last thing was when my step daughter called her mom to tell her what we were doing and to us to ask some questions for her because she did not believe us, so she ask what color of dress she wore to her dad’s funeral it spelled out blue, then she ask what he died of and it spelled out cancer and then she said ha it’s wrong but when we ask her what he died  of leukemia that is when I stopped because leukemia is cancer of the blood and no one in that room knew what he had died of.

We lived in that house for another 6 months after that, but things just got weird we would hear noises like footsteps when no one was there, so we started turning on a tape at night when we went to bed, and one night we heard a voice on the tape calling jimmy’s name and it whispered get out, that is when we started looking for another place to live in 2009 we moved to a new home and never had any more problems with ghosts again, except once he wanted to stop by and see what was going on with the house so we went inside when they were remodeling the house and i started feeling like someone was touching me so I told jimmy I was going to the car and started down the stairs and something pulled on the back of my shirt and jimmy saw it rise up like it was being tugged on, I never did go back to that house, but I drive by it every day because I now live right around the corner.

Jimmy passed away in 2013 but before he died he said he thought he saw his dad and his brother at the foot of  his bed at his sister’s house where he was staying when he passed away, he called me up and said he could not sleep and that he saw them.




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