Strange happenings on Bandy Rd. Route 666 the final chapter

Strange happenings on Bandy Rd.                         Route 666  the final chapter


I will never forget the year of 2008 it was the last year we lived in the house on bandy road.

It was Halloween one of my step daughters and her husband came over to the house and brought a Ouija Board so we decided what can it hurt, so we played along because it was just a game anyway right, I knew she was planning on bringing it so with everything else that was going on in that house I decide to read up on Ouija Boards It talked about opening and closing the board and blessing it I know that sounds crazy but I didn’t want anything else in that house that did not belong there, so I made sure to follow the directions!

At first as we were starting out using the board I thought that my Step-Daughter was moving the pointer so I told her to look at the ceiling and close her eyes and let someone else (Jimmy and her husband) ask the questions.

So they proceeded to ask questions the first question they ask was, if anyone other than jimmy and I was living in the house, we got the response of yes, then we ask how many and we got the response of 5, then we ask if they were all dead people and the response spelled out no some are evil.

We knew for sure we were not moving the pointer because we were looking at the ceiling, but the scariest part was when her husband, yelled at the board to find someone who could spell and the pointer just stopped then, later when we started again he ask if it was mad, and it pointed to the yes, then when he ask at who, the pointer went to the letter U.

We continued to play with the board for a while and it made reference to there was a little girl, and that the former owner was still there and that there was an evil entity in the house that wanted us out of there.

Also one last thing was when my step daughter called her mom to tell her what we were doing and to us to ask some questions for her because she did not believe us, so she ask what color of dress she wore to her dad’s funeral it spelled out blue, then she ask what he died of and it spelled out cancer and then she said ha it’s wrong but when we ask her what he died  of leukemia that is when I stopped because leukemia is cancer of the blood and no one in that room knew what he had died of.

We lived in that house for another 6 months after that, but things just got weird we would hear noises like footsteps when no one was there, so we started turning on a tape at night when we went to bed, and one night we heard a voice on the tape calling jimmy’s name and it whispered get out, that is when we started looking for another place to live in 2009 we moved to a new home and never had any more problems with ghosts again, except once he wanted to stop by and see what was going on with the house so we went inside when they were remodeling the house and i started feeling like someone was touching me so I told jimmy I was going to the car and started down the stairs and something pulled on the back of my shirt and jimmy saw it rise up like it was being tugged on, I never did go back to that house, but I drive by it every day because I now live right around the corner.

Jimmy passed away in 2013 but before he died he said he thought he saw his dad and his brother at the foot of  his bed at his sister’s house where he was staying when he passed away, he called me up and said he could not sleep and that he saw them.




Strange Happenings Bandy Rd. route 666

Strange Happenings Bandy Rd. route 666

Sorry guys I have been away for awhile my son got married so I was in north carolina, but I am back now and ready to continue my stories.

My husband trying to fight with a ghost


I have a story about my two daughters that came to visit me one day, Lucy and Katrina and I were sitting in my living room talking about the things that were happening, they to thought I was a little crazy until they got ready to leave, Katrina was outside unlocking her car door but every time she unlocked it would lock back up by itself, not just once but it kept doing it over and over again she even held the keys out in her hand to make sure she did not hit any buttons and it locked again, when they finally got the door to stay unlocked about 10 minutes later after I said “ok quit playin with them and let them go home” and it stopped and they got in the car and left.

Every time they came over after that they wanted me to stay right beside them and they were adults.  None of our children his or mine would even go to the restroom without me standing outside the bathroom door, that is how scared they were of the house.

No one would ever go out after dark because every time we went out we would experience something like shadows or voices they all made us walk them to their cars when they would leave and stay outside until they were out of the driveway and driving down the street.

One night jimmy’s son in law thought jimmy was standing outside by the garage when they pulled up because he saw a man standing there but when they came to the door jimmy was inside and they all went out to look around to see what it was but nothing was there.

Since then we had things happen several times when our friends would come over we had two different people tell us someone was walking up the driveway when I was looking out the window and saw no one there both of them described the same man, and swore he was there one guy even went outside  to check his work truck because he thought the guy might be stealing his tools from the back of his truck, but there was no one out there!

Then one night when we were telling another one of our friends about the house he went to go home and his car would not start, he told us his car has never not started before, for about 5 minutes he tried to start his car and it would not start but again i said “just let the guy go home” and then his car started right up.

We had a guy sleep on the couch one night because it had gotten too late for him to drive home, and when we got up the next morning he was gone and the back door was wide open, when jimmy called him to ask why he left the door open he said there was something evil standing over him in a black cape telling him to leave, and he said he did as quick as he could get out of there, and he would never come over to our house again, as a matter of fact we never saw him again after that.

After that things got kind of hectic for a while my daughter had a baby and I would go to her house on my day off to babysit and help out while she cleaned or worked, and one morning when I was leaving to go to her house I thought I heard a voice calling mom, so I turned around and there was a hazy figure standing there that looked like a small child like around 5 to 7 years old, I froze for a moment then I screamed and threw i keys and ran out of the house, and it seemed to quickly fly out of the room and into the twins old room, I guess i scared her as much as she scared me, and at that moment I was outside in my car calling my husband to tell him i was not going to go back in the house until he came home.

Well that didn’t last  long because I was back in the house alone again the very next day!

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Strange Happenings on Bandy Rd Route 666

Strange Happenings on Bandy Rd Route 666

Page 8

While we were sleeping!

After the struggle with his twin daughter and the bed!

We went back upstairs to sleep and we were lying in bed when I felt like I was being chocked again! 

Jimmy was laying right beside me, he reached over to touch me,  when he was pushed off the bed and onto the floor he got up and jumped on top of me like he was knocking something off me, and when I could breathe again he grabbed a baseball bat and started screaming at the air ( he was always very protective over me) telling it to come and fight him and to leave me alone, that he would not stand by and watch something hurt his wife,  he was swinging the bat around like a mad man, he even hit the wall with it before he put it down, and a few minutes later we heard a loud bang right above his head, like something hit the wall!

We just stared at each other and could not believe it, then the room went dark for a moment like a shadow covered the light  we both just set there wondering now, what should we do?  We were now both convinced that there was something in this house besides us!

After that night, When I went to go to the bathroom I would look toward the kitchen and I would see a shadow of a thing in a black cape standing in the kitchen right at the door that would lead into the twins’ bedroom, I guess you would have to know the house to understand the design of it.

We also had a wicker chair setting by the door in the bedroom and you could sometimes here a sound like someone would set in it (it made a rustling sound like someone walk through bushes), and when you would look toward the chair you could see a figure not a full figure more like a soft shadow sitting in the chair the size of a child.

Jimmy and I would fight a lot at first, like all new married couples do, and one night I was cooking dinner and he was yelling at me and was in my face at the stove, all of a sudden he jumped back and said ouch when we looked at his leg there was a scratch on his leg with 4 lines down his leg like fingernails had scratched him.

That really scared me because we looked around and there was nothing around that could have scratched and if whatever it was in the house could physically scratch you that meant it could hurt you!

That was not the last time that happened one other time when we were arguing he felt a sharp sting like a belt hit him and he had a raised red mark on his leg when we looked at it, that is when he started to question what was really going on in that old house!

When we went to bed at night we always had the feeling something was in the room with us, we would hear footsteps walking around the bed, and when we were in bed sometimes you could feel someone sliding in bed beside you like a child would after a bad dream, you could see the bed indent where it seemed someone other than us was laying, we actually got to the point where when we would feel it we would just scoot over closer to each other and let it in the bed, I mean what else could we do.

I would talk to the air more and more when I was alone telling nothing that we could live in the house together and I would not bother it as long as it did not bother me and that I would not try to find a way to get rid of it unless it hurt me or jimmy!

After jimmy and I would argue sometimes he would make me sleep downstairs by myself and he would sleep upstairs I guess that was my punishment for making him mad, because he knew I was scared to be alone in the house, one night we had a huge argument and I was downstairs and I was crying, then all of a sudden I felt a hand rubbing up and down my arm just slightly touching me like something trying to comfort me almost like now it was protecting me.

Strange happening on bandy rd. route 666 (Page 7)

Strange happening on bandy rd. route 666 (Page 7)



It was a short time after the choking thing that Jimmy’s brother passed away of cancer, we noticed while we were going back and forth to the funeral home that when we came home the lights would be on and Jimmy would yell at me for leaving them on, I would tell him it was not me but he would not believe me.

Then we would come home and the chairs were pushed away from the kitchen table and he knew he pushed them in himself before we left and the house smelled like cigarette smoke and Jimmy did not smoke cigarettes and I could not smoke inside the house because he hated it, and when I would be outside I would see a figure walking toward me or I would hear someone talking to me and I would run in the house and never finished the cigarette and that is why I quit!

I had started talking to a friend about what was going on and she said that as a child she had things happen to her and when she would face it they would stop scaring her, she told me that maybe I should talk to it like it was real that maybe it just wants my attention, my response to that was are you kidding I don’t want it to even know I think it is there whatever it is!

So I was sitting on the couch on my day off just relaxing watching television when my back door handle turns the door opens, mind you we had a double door in the house and it was not the outside door that opened it was the inside door that came into the kitchen from the laundry room, as you see in the picture that opened up, but there was nothing there I was staring right at it!

Although I was scared I said, “okay listen we can both live here together but I don’t want to see you, or even know you’re here because you scare me, and at that moment the door closed like someone was leaving.

When I would be doing dishes of course my back was to the door and all the other rooms but I would feel like something was watching me and sometime I would feel like the room was sizzling with anger and other times it would seem calm, but of course I would think it was my imagination, but I started reading about paranormal activity I went to the library, or buy books, or look up on the internet but at the time internet was not that fast like it is now.

Then I started noticing that in the twin’s room I put a bench that I would keep stuffed animals on and I would come into their room and the stuffed animals would be knocked on the floor, so I went to jimmy and ask him why he kept knocking the toys on the floor and he said he did not.

So one night I watched him when he went in the room and he went upstairs and everything was in place then I went into another room for just a minute and when I came back in the toys were all over the floor again, but of course no one did it.

We didn’t hear or see anything for a long while after that, I think it was about 6 months, we had just gotten married by this time, the one of jimmy’s twins got sick and was in the hospital for a couple of days, but when she got home they both came to stay with us for the week-end.

We went to bed and the twins did not like sleeping alone in that house so they would sleep with me in a king size bed, and I would sleep in the middle. One night while we were sleeping the twin that had been sick started slipping of the bed and I thought she was falling so I grabbed to put her back on the bed when I realized she was not falling but something was pulling her off the bed it felt like I was playing tug a war with something that was not there, but she was sleeping and did not seem to notice so I let her sleep!

We tried not to let the girls know anything was happening here because we were not sure ourselves what was going on but as they got older they got more afraid of the house, they would tell me that they saw things in the dark and I would tell them it was just shadows from the light and the cars going by but, sometime when I was in the living room watching television I would look in to the room and see a short dark figure just standing at the foot of the bed like it was staring at whoever was laying there.

Sometime you could even feel the covers being pulled off of you from the foot of the bed. And the other twin would say that there was someone tickling her feet when she would wake up.

That’s it for now but come back for more next week!


Strange Happenings On Bandy Rd (route 666)

Strange Happenings                                    On Bandy Rd (route 666)
This is the living room going into the kitchen of the house on Route 666 Bandy Rd. I took this picture after a lot of stuff happened




So as I ended the story last time with how I moved into a house on Bandy Rd Route 666! 

I had been living in the house for about 2 months when he had finished the setting up the room and started sleeping in it, now remember when I said we added cable to the bedroom, well we had it all hooked up and was laying in the bed, ( I am a very light sleeper and so was Jimmy), and all of a sudden the cable and TV came on for just a second then it went back off this happened for two days in a row, so the next day I set the remote where you had to turn the TV and Cable on separate trying to figure out which one was on a timer, because I knew they could both be set up on a timer.

The very next night the cable box came on then went off, then for about 5 minutes it just came on and went off real fast off-on-off-on-off-on-off almost like something was angry and was turning it on and off, of course I told Jimmy it was just a timer and when I checked and made sure all the timers were off it would stop.  I thought it was strange but I still assumed it was on a timer so kept trying to find the timer which I never did and every night for about a week it would go on and off until finally I started sleeping with the TV on, then it just stopped.

The first thing that happened that I could not explain happened about 6 months after the TV incident, I had gone grocery shopping and was unloading the groceries when I thought I heard a little girl laughing in the attic and then footsteps running across the floor, I went up to look in the room, but it was empty, so I wrote it off as my imagination yet once again.

When my husband got home I told him what I heard and he said that he would hear that sometimes to but he would hear a voice saying Daddy’s home, that when I started really looking into things about the house.

I talked to the woman across the street that owned the house and she told me that there had been 1 renter before them and us and that he was an older man that died in the nursing home, but that no one ever died in the house, I guess he used to say he wasn’t ever going to leave the house unless he had to.  He had been found collapsed at the bottom of the bed with the covers pulled off the bed on top of him when they called an ambulance to come get him, that was the last time he was in the house.

The landlord did say he has a daughter and had a granddaughter that use to come and visit and that the granddaughter died in a car crash, but they did not live in the house.

It was about one week later,  we were lying awake in bed and jimmy had to go downstairs for just a moment, while he was gone all of a sudden, I felt like someone wrapped their hands around my throat and was sitting on my chest and I could not breath or move, it felt like someone was choking the air out of me.

When Jimmy heard the struggle he came running up the stairs and touched me, and suddenly I could breath and move again, like whatever was holding me down just stopped, I started gasping for air, that’s when I decided this was real there was something else in this house besides jimmy and I and it was trying to hurt me, I had no more excuses that I could use for this, but I told jimmy maybe I was falling asleep and was in a middle state of awake and asleep and just imagined it even though I know I didn’t but I did not want him to think I was crazy, like everyone else did when I mentioned this kind of stuff.

That is when he finally broke down and told me stories about his Ex-wife, even though they were not getting along at the time he called her and asks her to tell me what happened to her while she was living there, he told me he did not believe her when she told him about her experience until it happened to me too.

She told me of the same choking experience only she thought she was going crazy so she kept it to herself for a very long while, she was usually laying down with her daughter when it happened, and that it happened to her more than once, when she finally told jimmy about it.

She also told me a story about her youngest daughter Bridget who was 5 years old and woke up screaming that she saw an old man and a little girl and the old man said to tell her dad he was not leaving and the little girl was going to steal her candy bar but they said it was a dream but Bridget who is all grown up now and says she still remembers it and it was real .

His ex-also said she experienced toys and clothes being thrown around the house by themselves, at first she thought her step daughter was doing it because she was jealous of Bridget but found out later that it was not. She also would hear door bells ringing on their own when they were disconnected and knocking on windows.

Jimmy said that when he lived with her they decided to have the house blessed they used to go to a Baptist church, they had a minister come in to say a prayer for the house, but in the middle of the prayer the window slammed shut and the TV Came on real loud! The minister then left and said it should be fine.

Come back soon to find out the next saga of my story soon! FACT OR FICTION!








Strange Happenings page 5

This is Jimmy he liked to do karate

In June of 1997 my husband Marshall and my three kids Randy, Lucy, and Katrina and I moved to Roanoke, VA.

Marshall’s family lived here, well his mom and sister and nieces and nephew lived here and we took over his sister’s old house she had just bought a new one and his mom set the old one up for us.

Lucy my oldest daughter is just like her dad where the scientific mind comes in and only believed in what she could see everything else about her was like me including emotions, where my younger daughter and son was more like me when it came to believing and being scared and seeing things.

Katrina use to say she saw things in the house we were living in and she would not go into the house alone, she said there were ghost in the walls.

She would set outside on the front step and wait for her brother and sister to get home from school instead of going into the house, but I never noticed anything odd except we were always yelling at the kids to stop turning the air conditioner down to 60 degrees, which they all swore they didn’t touch the thermostat so we had a joke that it must be Caspar the friendly ghost, but I never actually believed it could have been a ghost.

I had questioned but was never really sure of any kind of paranormal phenomenon even with the things I experienced in the past. I was taught like everyone else that everything can be explained, my ex would always tell me none to that was real and that it was made up to scare people and would always have a scientific explanation for everything.

After 20 years my marriage suddenly ended, “I guess the psychic was right”. I moved into an apartment of my own with my daughter Katrina. I dated a lot during that time until I met Jimmy which I ended up marrying after 1 year of dating and living together. Our relationship got serious rather quickly in April of 2004 I started staying at his house a lot     and at first all was quiet.

I moved into his house (on route 666 on Bandy Rd.)  in May of 2004 and I swear the route number was 666, he had lived in this hours for 18 years with a previous wife.

He had been married twice before me and I had been married twice before him he had 4 kids and guess what he had a set of twins.

If you have been following my story the physic was right she saw a set of twins in my future she did not say I had them just she saw more kids in my future with some being a set of twins, which made her right again for the second time.

I had been staying at the house for about 4 months and jimmy decided to the make unused portion of the attic (which had 2 rooms) into a private room for us so when the twins came to visit they would have their room downstairs and we would have privacy upstairs that was when things started to happen after he remodeled the attic.

Jimmy had made the attic almost like a little get away apartment up there with a TV, cable stereo, he put pictures and posters on the walls, bed chairs it was great, then when he was done he took a pictures of the room and walls and decorations, when we got the film developed there was a face in the poster of cat woman, you could make it out perfectly it was a head and face with horns that wrapped around the back of his head.

I didn’t want to believe in any of that stuff so I told him it was the way the light hit the poster or a picture that was there that only a camera can pick up because that is possible and that it was not real but he took the poster down anyway and threw it away.

You know I always made excuses about everything I had experienced because I didn’t want to believe in the supernatural because it scared me, but I will tell you that house changed me, and I feel different about things now then I use to.

I showed those pictures to lots of our friends who thought we were crazy to stay in the house and I told them jimmy lived here for 18 years and he is still fine what is the worst that could happen.




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Strange Happenings page 4

Strange Happenings page 4
7 years later! This is where I lived.


My mom believed in psychics she use to have parties where a psychic would come and read your future and past or let you know if someone was still with you, I was a sceptic but I went anyway and so did many of my family members and in-laws it was fun just to get to be with everyone, and if you put 5 dollars in a basket and gave a piece of jewelry for her to touch she would read you so she called it, so I went along with it.

She always said the things she wouldn’t discuss with anyone was death and divorce she would not tell anyone if that was going to happen.

The psychic told me that I had the gift but was too afraid to use it, well yea who wants to see ghost, definitely not me!

I just thought yea right she is just saying that for the benefit of the party just to make it interesting.

She told me that she saw a third marriage in my future and I laughed and told her I wasn’t stupid enough to do it a third time, she also said she saw more kids in my future and they would be a set of twins, but I told her I had my tubes cut and could not have any more kids so I told her she was wrong yet again, but little did I know she would be right, but we will get to that chapter in my life later.

I still didn’t believe her and my husband Marshall would say she was just out for the money and made me believe it to after all we had been married 10 years or more by this time who ever thought she would be right and I would get a divorce!

After she died my husband Marshall and I was trying to decide if we should move out of the state of Arizona and move to Virginia where his family lived, and I was very torn about leaving my home where I grew up, but it was me that wanted to try somewhere else new things and places seemed fun to me.

Then one night I was waiting on Marshall to come home from work (he worked nights sometimes), I fell asleep on my couch while the kids were watching television, they must have fallen asleep to because when I woke up at 2:22 am or I thought I woke up my mom was standing over me telling me that moving would be great for me and that she was alright now, I remember looking around the house seeing the clock, but when I opened my eyes again it was 2:22am and everyone was in the same position they were in the dream, so the question is WAS IT A DREAM? I guess I will never really know for sure.

And so we moved to Roanoke, VA in June of 1997 where my new adventure began.